Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Candles

Hey All my Candle Junkies,
Recently I have been having a huge obsession for candles. Everyday I like to switch up my scent weather it be a coconut or a pineapple scent they all make me get into the summer mood.

The only problem is finding candles that really scent up my room and give a strong fragrance. Allot of the time candles end up giving little to no scent which can get annoying to spend so much money. I have found a company about a year ago that meets all the needs of candle junkies like myself! The website is called Candles By Victoria, which is a handmade candle company in Vann, Texas They have such unique scents and they burn really nicely. Plus they use 100% pure fragrance oils which makes a strong lond lasting candle!

Their are over 500 scents so no matter what I am sure you will be able to find the perfect scent for you. My only problem is deciding which ones to order they all sound so delish. Some of my all time faves are Bath time With Poo ( A dupe for the lovely Honey I washed the kids lush soap) It smells so similar and fills my room with a calming scent of honey. This one is so comforting before I go to sleep. Also the Coconut Pink Sugar. If you are looking for a new summer scent this one is amazing! The scent is very accurate to my favorite pink sugar perfume but w/ a coconut scent.

All of their candles fill any room with a lovely scent. You can even burn two candles at a time for a combination of scents. Each candles is shipped right to your home for a low shipping rate. Of 8.50

Right now if you order you can can get 10% off bye using the coupon code CBVICTORIA so with that said what do you have to loose? It is really fin to browse the sight and look at all the cute candles

Happy Monday

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